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Here is our pick of the top five penis pump in the market today

Why should you opt for a penis pump?

A penis pump is a relatively safer alternative to surgeries and pills that can have any number of complicated side effects. A pump is a simple mechanical device which has a cylindrical chamber and a pressure pump contraction that allows negative pressure to be built inside the cylindrical tube. The tube is where the penis has to be inserted. When the pressure is reduced in the cylinder, there is a vacuum created inside the tube due to which blood rushes into the genitals and an erection is achieved.

To maintain the erection:

Now if the penis is removed from the cylindrical chamber, the blood would again escape back into the body and the erection would be lost. To avoid this, a steel constriction ring specifically designed to lock the penis at the end is used to not allow the blood from flowing back from the penis. This steel ring is safe to be worn on the penis for a maximum time of thirty minutes which is more than enough to complete one long session of love making!

There are loads of companies who manufacture penis pumps and not all of them are of great quality. The pump is quite affordable but that does not mean that you must buy the cheapest ones. You must as a precaution, read enough on them from the internet before you make up your mind on which brand and what model of penis pump you want to invest in.

Sexual health is related to general well being:

Two hands on sunsut.
Two hands on sunsut.

You must never ever compromise on your sexual health. This is because sexual health is directly related to the person’s wellbeing and therefore when it is a matter concerning one’s health, there can be no lackadaisical attitude that can be allowed.

Go for branded products:

It is always best to go in for brands that are famous and those that people have used and there are testimonials available on the internet. Reputed companies those that advertise will generally have their research and test results out in the public domain. They are also the ones who strictly conform to international safety practices.

Here is a list of the best penis pumps in the market today:

  1. Penomet:

This beauty of a product is not only easy to use but it’s simple design can be one of the reason that is contributing to its immense popularity among the pump users. The price is also very attractive and affordable. Additionally they have a 60 day money return policy in case the customer does not find the product satisfactory. The product also comes with a life time warranty.

The cylinder is transparent so that it is easy to see the difference before and after use of the pump. Also available are cylinders in other colors that are sufficiently transparent to be able to see the difference in the size enlargement of the penis. The device also boasts of a sophisticated gaitor system which is made of rubber rings that makes it easy to wear around the penis and slowly release the pressure.

  1. Bathmate:

Evident from its name itself, the Bathmate is a hydro penis pump which allows the person to use it in the shower as well. It is a close second in its reputation after Penomet! It is almost the safe in quality except that Penomet is slightly better in giving out quicker and better quality of erection than the Bathmate.

  1. Sinclair Endow:

img_1429-1200x350-c-defaultThis one is an air pump and it has long been used for pleasurable activities because it was originally marketed and sold as a sex toy. The device can be battery empowered and the constriction rings are four and they are made of soft silicone material for added comfort on the penis. The cylindrical sleeve where the penis is to be inserted is made of high quality silicone and thus cleaning is extremely easy.

  1. Encore battery operated pump

This one is a battery operated pump. The best part about using a battery operated penis pump is that you do not have to use both your hands in it. A manual pump will require you to hold the cylinder tube with the penis in it in one hand while the other hand will need to do the pumping. It can get pretty cumbersome. So, this one is on our list of referred only because at least one of your hand is now free!

  1. Vacurect manual penis pump

This company is known for making penis pumps for at least three decades. It is a name that can be trusted and best of all it is mostly considered as the entry level penis pump. The instructions and the manual come along with a compact disk that explains in detail how the product is to be used. This really helps people who are only being initiated into

Habit of pumping.